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CANON HDTV 2/3" Objektiv
HDTV 2/3" Objektiv
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2/3" HDgc Industrial lens, 2/3" HDgc lens. Objektiv für z.B. AG-HPX500E Camcorder

Concept of HDgc Series
Corresponding to the popularity of digital High Definition broadcasting and diversity of HDTV
equipment, Canon has added a new series to its HDTV lens line up, the HDgc series. The new HDgc
series supports the emergence of an important new generation of cost-effective HD acquisition systems.
Adopting the advantages created by Canon’s unique technology, the new HDgc lenses exhibit high
MTF, high resolution and high contrast from the center of the image to its extreme edges, meanwhile
maintaining its compact size and weight.
Another important policy of Canon’s is not to pollute the earth and the HDgc series succeeded in
excluding harmful substances such as cadmium, PBBS, PBDPE or mercury from the mechanical parts,
and at the same time incorporating lead free glass and reducing the amount of hazardous substances
used in electrical parts.
Meet Canon’s new HDgc series lenses, a compilation of Canon’s advanced technologies.
Optical Performance of HDgc Series
Aberration Correction for HDgc Lenses
In the HDTV system the pixel size is about half. Therefore, the spread of a point image caused by a
spherical aberration, coma etc. should be diminished to about half. The MTF varies as the focus
changes and even if the image is slightly out of focus, the MTF is greatly influenced as shown in
Graph 1. HDgc greatly contributes to correcting and minimizing these aberrations at the same time
maintaining high MTF throughout the edge of the picture.
Special Optical Elements
With the goal of minimizing chromatic aberration, the HDgc series lenses utilizes special elements
including an artificially re-crystalized element, “Fluorite”, with extraordinary dispersion characteristics
and the newly developed “Hi-UD” (high index ultra low dispersion) glass. Canon has succeeded in the
practical use of special elements along with advanced design techniques like “separate achromatism”.

Shuttle Shot Function
Shuttle Shot is a Canon Exclusive Technology that enhances production capabilities. At the touch of a button, this feature allows the
operator to zoom back and forth instantly between any two positions. It can be used to zoom to the telephoto position to check focus and
then return instantly to the original position or you can “shuttle” between any two zoom positions at any time.

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