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TL Drum Rehab
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Drum Replacement for Pro Tools
TL Drum Rehab™ offers a comprehensive set of tools to enhance or replace original drum recordings precisely, automatically, and in real time.

• Automatic, sample-accurate, and real-time replacement of drum sounds
• Editable sample-accurate trigger locations
• Dynamic multi-sample support for up to 16 levels
• Extensive drum sample library included ñ more than 4 GB of audio
• Access to exclusive samples online
• Envelope and tone shaping
• Powerful sample browser and converter
• Undo capabilities

Whether you need to energize a feeble snare track, replace a kick drum that sounds more like a cardboard box, or simply exchange one tom sound for another, get those tracks to drum rehab. TL Drum Rehab™ offers a comprehensive set of tools to enhance or replace original drum recordings precisely, automatically, and in real time.

TL Drum Rehab can spare you the tedious work of replacing individual drum hits by giving you tools to automatically transform your drum tracks. Set it to listen to the track you’ve targeted and hit play. TL Drum Rehab adds trigger points and calculates velocity levels for each hit. Load up to 16 different replacement samples for each track and assign the samples to different velocity zones.

Mix new sounds with the original tracks or completely replace the initial recording. You can hear your revitalized track in real time, during playback, with sample-accurate precision. TL Drum Rehab also offers advanced options to give you ultimate control of the final drum track. Use the Position control to incorporate two sticking positions. Select free or choked voicing for different types of drums. Adjust the attack, sustain, and EQ for shaping replacement drum samples.

TL Drum Rehab includes an extensive drum sample library, but you can also add your own samples easily. Using the same powerful sample browser and converter interface as TL Space, TL Drum Rehab lets you locate and load new samples quickly and then save popular samples to a list of favorites for fast recall.

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